• Student Accommodations

Find An internship (FAI) offers different accommodation solutions for different tastes and budgets in Zones 1 to 5, thanks to our close and direct contact with homeowners and host families. We ensure that this typically English accommodation is well maintained, regularly checked according to our specifications and in accordance with the regulations in force. We aim to find you a comfortable and welcoming place to stay during the duration of your internship.




  • Host Family services

 Find An Internship (FAI) oversees the process of hosting an International student in your home. As a host family, you become a vital part of our students’ time abroad and their experiences.


FAI Host Family Platform

We rely on our connection with host families to help us care for our students during their internship.

FAI is always looking to expand its host family platform, as our applicants numbers are increasing and we are seeking more host families to help provide students with an immersive English experience.

By becoming one of our host families, you give our students a chance to experience maximum cultural immersion by living as locals – with locals. As a host family, you give them the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into your culture, pick up expressions with much greater ease and return home with a more authentic accent.

For more information regarding our host family locations in London please contact our team and we will get back to you.





London Prices/ Payment

 Gross Price List London


COMFORT – weekly rates

 Singles Mainly Zone 3  
Room only £160.00
Breakfast only £175.00


Doubles (per person, minimum 2 people) Zones 1 & 2  
Room only £140.00
Breakfast only £150.00  


SUPERIOR – weekly rates

 Single Zones 1 & 2  
Self catering (limited availability) £200.00
Breakfast £215.00


Doubles (per person, minimum 2 people) Zones 1 & 2  
Self Catering £160.00
Breakfast £175.00


Administration & Booking Fee £100