How does the process work?

Once we have an understanding of what you are looking for, we start our process of finding the right person.

Internships are generally regarded as temporary positions created by companies to provide experiential or work-related learning to students at university level.  A good internship program allows for the proper integration of knowledge and practice in professional settings under supervision.

Below is a summary of the services and philosophy that makes Find An Internship the number one choice.

We make the process of recruiting your potential intern hassle-free

  • Assessing candidates suitability for the programme (telephone interview, skills assessment and CV review)
  • Matching candidates to the right organisation
  • Scheduling interviews between both parties
  • Negotiating the collaboration between the company and the candidates
  • Facilitating a smooth start to the internship programme.


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What are the benefits to your organisation?

As an employer of an intern, you are playing a big part in the rewarding experience of helping to establish the first steps of a student’s career by enhancing both their employability and skills, however, you are also gaining a valuable member in your workforce for the duration of the internship period, thus providing a mutually beneficial experience for both parties.

  • Making a significant impact in the workplace with the internship programme
  • Assisting with special events and/or short-term projects
  • Offering new ideas and innovative approaches – are self-motivated, committed and keen to gain experience
  • Can be evaluated and trained for possible future employment

Free of charge service

Find An Internship does not charge companies for finding an intern or for organising interviews. We only ask you to provide high quality internships and interesting responsibilities for your interns, in a supportive work environment which will enable the development of their professional skills.
Cost saving

In the present economic climate, cost saving is vital to profitability. Working with us is the best way to cut down on costs of hiring an intern (cost of advertising, sorting and pre-selection of potential candidate’s CVs, time spent on interviews, etc) and reduces the risk of hiring an intern who eventually does not match your expectations.
What are the employer’s duties?

  • Assigning a line manager to the intern during their internship, who will guide the intern in a variety of engaging and realistic jobs in the workplace.
  • Providing a suitable and safe work space for the intern to work in.
  • Providing 4/5 days per week of work for the intern and verify this by completing a weekly timesheet.
  • Upon completion of the internship, the supervisor must fill out a final assessment.

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