1. Why host an intern?

Hosting an intern offers your company more than an excellent coworker; it brings new energy, perspectives, and experience to your company’s culture and office.

  1. What kinds of skills can I expect from an intern?

Normally, interns are current university students studying general business administration, marketing, finance, or a range or other courses.

  1. When can interns start their internships?

We receive applications on a rolling basis and internships are available all year round.

  1. How long is an internship program for?

An internship can range anywhere from 6 weeks to 12 months in length. It can be a full-time or part-time internship.

  1. Is my intern allowed to receive some sort of compensation?

We encourage host companies to offer their interns some sort of compensation for the internship, although this is not required.

  1. What if I am having issues with my intern throughout program?

All interns who come on program have an Internship Coordinator who is available to assist them with any issues that may arise while the intern is on the program. Should any issues arise, the host company is encouraged to contact the Internship Coordinator.

  1. What role does a company play in the FAI Internship program?

The role of the company is first and foremost, to provide an effective and well-rounded program. In addition, your company will need to provide the following: a suitable office space and a designated supervisor for the intern.