If you are looking for an internship, Find An Internship (FAI) have the experience, guidance and contacts that you need. FAI will help you get the indispensable work experience you need during your internship with a wide range of companies.

Our team commitment has allowed us to build an impressive partner list, from major organisations to small businesses, that trust us to find them the very best intern.

We guide you in order for you to gain a real edge in your future career with our program, specially designed for undergraduate students, graduates and young professionals living or coming to the United Kingdom.

The reason we have been so successful is simple: we make sure we know applicants and employers requirements inside out and we match them accordingly.





We offer a wide choice of top-flight internships in many fields, including:

  • Management internships
  • Marketing internships
  • Web Design internships
  • Communication internships
  • Finance internships
  • Accounting internships
  • Tourism Internships
  • Catering internships
  • Hotel Internships
  • Events and Shows Internships
  • Public Relations internships
  • Social Media Internships
  • And many others…