Application Process


Stage 1 – Registration

Fill out the registration form.


Stage 2 – Personal interview with Find An Internship

FAI’s commitment to our Interns differentiates us from the competition; you will be assigned an Internship coordinator who will work with you to understand your personal circumstances and requirements.

Stage 3 – Internship research

The internship coordinator will send you a list of several internship offers that match your request. The placement research may take between 2-3 weeks. Throughout the process, we will ensure that clear communication and feedback is given at every stage. We will review your CV and send it to the companies directly.


Stage 4 – Interview with the company

Once we receive a response from a potential host employer, in order to secure your interview spot a 10% deposit is required. The Internship coordinator will help you and ensure you are fully prepared.


Stage 5 – Signature of your training agreement

As soon as the host company agrees to take you on, in order to receive your internship agreement signed by the chosen host company, we request payment of the balance owned.


Application Process


Applicant Screening Process


  • Interview with every applicant to determine interests, skills, and strengths.
  • Match applicants accordingly. We do not place applicants in competition with one another for positions. Each student’s placement will be individually sourced for his/her particular needs.
  • Provide centrally located housing in London.
  • Most importantly, provide work-experience, which allows interns to gain experience in their desired industry and learn from other’s expertise.