Advice For Applying For Jobs in London

Applying For Jobs

Job Hunting

Applying for jobs isn’t as stressful as you may think. We’ve all been there, applying for numerous jobs, waiting anxiously to hear back from potential employers, but relax, you aren’t alone. There are many steps to take to make sure you are ready for a potential job interview and to make the process simpler. Being fully prepared for an interview will take you a long way. Here are a few easy to steps to take into consideration whilst applying.

For starters prepare yourself with clear goals, make sure you know what you want in a career. Map out a brief career path an aim to get there no matter how many setbacks you may be faced with. Don’t be afraid to take job roles that may differ slightly to what you are looking for as it all leads up to helping you get the required job you want. Having an internship in London will take you a long way in the employment ladder.

Applying for jobs is simple, always remember to be confident. Prepare yourself for a potential interview by researching the company as much as possible. There is no such thing as being too prepared. There’s a chance that many people are applying for the same job role, as London is one of the most popular and busiest cities to work in, in the United Kingdom. Make a list of questions that you want to ask the company as well as being prepared for questions they may ask you. Go over this list in your head or maybe sit down with a friend or family member so that you are confident with your answers. Try not to stress yourself with worry, staying calm and patient will help with the process.


A good online presence can be useful to employers and will benefit you whilst applying for jobs. Having an account on professional networking site LinkedIn can prove useful for future employers. The site allows its users to connect with potential employers, whilst at the same time allowing users to upload a personal profile of their work and educational history.

An Up to date CV is key to applying for jobs and is a critical aspect for getting a position you desire. This should include education qualifications and any relevant work experience that can boost your chance of getting a job. A typical CV should be no more than one to two pages. They should be clear and concise and to the point. The last thing employers want to see is a number of pages that can be condensed into a couple of pages.

An Internship in London will look great on your CV. Having a job in London and a great reference will go along way when you are applying for the job of your dreams.

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