Internships are generally regarded as temporary positions created by companies to provide experiential or work-related learning to students at the university level.  A good internship program allows for the proper integration of knowledge and practice in professional settings under supervision.checkout our Employer’s Guide.

 Below is a summary of the services and philosophy that makes Find An Internship the number one choice.

  • No fees are charged for posting and hosting an intern.
  • Track record of providing minimum disruption to your business and will further enhance your company’s excellent reputation.
  • Use of the candidate’s foreign language skills for International expansion.
  • Stability of Internship Coordinators within our Company and designated account handlers.
  • Emphasise communication, keeping you totally informed at all times of the recruitment campaign’s progression.
  • On-going database search facilities aid the selection of outstanding candidates.
  • Extremely flexible approach.


Find An Internship offers a range of additional services, which can be tailor-made to meet your requirements.