London Nightlife

Pubs & Bars

If you are looking for places to relax and enjoy a nice drink or two with great and authentic environments then these unique pubs and bars located around London are for you. Enjoy the London Nightlife whether you are looking to enjoy a night out at a traditional British pub or want to appreciate a unique drinking experience then look no further than these fine establishments.


Dog & Duck

If you want to experience a typical British pub then the Dog & Duck pub is for you. Based in Soho London Dog & Duck also offers a fine dining experience. The pub was a big hit with some of Britain’s most important authors such as George Orwell. The Dog & Duck has a vast history. The pub is also known for its award winning ale which should not be missed if you are passing by.

Opening Times: Monday to Sunday 10am-11pm

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The Viaduct Tavern


The Viaduct is the last surviving Gin palace in London. Established in 1869, the tavern offers a unique insight into the history of London. The Viaduct is a fun and historic place to enjoy a night out in London whilst enjoying the historic environment and some of the country’s finest Gin and tonic. The pub also offers free Wi-Fi to its customers as well as Sky TV and an excellent Garden to enjoy the great British weather.

Opening Times: Monday to Friday: 8.30am to 11pm
Saturday & Sunday: Available for weekend hire

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The Ginstitute

For those with a love for fine drinking, try the exciting bar, The Ginstitute. The unique bar offers a wide range of different gin replicating the Victorian era style of drinking. The establishment is free to enter during the day but due to its popularity is appointment only in the evening. The specialist bar offers a tour through classic gins, allowing customers to try and replicate different types of gin and tonics while adding their own unique touch. For a fascinating look into the London Nightlife then The Ginstitute is definitely a bar to check out.

Opening Times: Friday & Saturday: 7pm to 12.30am

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Ye Olde Mitre

For a warm, charming, cozy experience visit the Ye Olde Mitre. Located in Holbon the old fashioned bar which was established in 1546, has kept most of its old style which is perfect for those that want to experience an authentically styled British Pub. Not only does it tick all the boxes for the British experience with the interior of the pub very much of the Tudor era, it has also featured in some recent blockbuster films such as Snatch and The Deep Blue Sea. Enjoy some traditional British food whilst visting the cosy little pub.

Opening Times: Monday to Friday: 11am to 11pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

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The French House

The French House

Soho is an area famous for its great pubs, one of the locations most prominent and successful pubs is The French House. A pub that basis itself off of a unique style of being a conversationalist pub that instead of having televisions and music the pub encourages chatting and connecting with others visiting. The atmospheric pub serves drinks in its own unique way of half pints, whilst only serving food during lunchtime. Another floor is located above which offers a more relaxed and informal environment.

The French House is a Grade II listed pub, which means it is has been listed on the Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest. The warm and friendly pub which was established in 1891, typifies a great traditional pub which is to be enjoyed on a night out in London.

Opening Times: Monday to Saturday: 12.00pm to 11.00pm
Sunday: 12pm to 10.30pm

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The London Nightlife can be enjoyed throughout the whole year. Check back for more on the London Nightlife in future posts.